Our Showroom

Dedicated to doing everything in our power to being your one-stop dealers for all your commercial gym equipment needs, we have a fully equipped showroom for your perusal. Our showroom is located at 622 Waterdale Rd Heidelberg West, Melbourne. You are welcome to come for a tour on Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. These are our office hours. However, we can also attend to your needs after business hours on weekdays and weekends.

Our employees will give you the best quality of service offered by commercial fitness equipment dealers in Australia. We have a customer-friendly system in place, and we can assure you that you would be both satisfied by our services and our equipment.

If you are not in Melbourne, Australia, this doesn’t stop you from having your tour of our showroom. We offer a service where you get a virtual tour that is just as thorough as a physical one. You can reach out to us today, and we will fix a suitable time for your physical or virtual tour.

We offer you a virtual or physical tour of the following equipment in our showroom:

Cardio Equipment

A tour of our showroom gives you a view of a wide range of cardio equipment. You get to choose the ones that would be most suitable for your commercial gym. We can work together to select the perfect equipment that is within your budget range.

There are varieties in sizes, functions, price ranges, and brands. Once again, we assure you that you are buying quality and durability. Our equipment is so durable that even if you decide to sell them after using them for a while, you will still get a substantial amount. They have a high value for money quality.

Strength Training with Coach
Strength Training Equipment

Every gym should be well-equipped with quality strength training equipment. Strength training equipment has to be sturdy because they have to handle many people’s weight. If you need a reliable commercial fitness equipment dealer, you can count on us. Contact us today, and we will take you on a physical or virtual tour of one of the most versatile and equipped showrooms in Australia.

Men with battle rope in functional training fitness gym
Functional Fitness Equipment

Health Stream Fitness is a haven for commercial gym owners in Australia. We have in stock every functional fitness equipment you could need to give your gym a superior service. Your tour offers you access to a range of functional fitness training equipment from a lot of brands. We can work on selecting the most suitable ones for your budget and gym size.

Close-up of workout gear, fitness equipment. Restistance band, med ball, dumbbell.
Accessories and Gears

Our seemingly endless stock of gym accessories and gears for sale would just amaze you. A virtual or physical tour could even alert you as to the accessories you didn’t know you needed. We sell these accessories and gears to our customers at affordable and discounted bulk prices. You also get to select the most suitable colours, sizes, and brands.

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