Functional Training

Our Functional Training Equipment Offering

Functional training is a collection of workouts designed to train the body for some of the activities we perform daily. These training sessions should be personalised, as each individual carries out different activities daily. There should also be various exercises targeted at core building, flexibility, balance and strength, and power building. These exercises have to be repeated regularly for them to be effective.

You can choose to carry out these training sessions at home or in your local gym. At Health Stream Fitness, we have functional training equipment for personal and commercial use, and they are all available at cost-friendly prices. You also have access to various equipment from a myriad of brands that produce excellent quality products.

Some of the functional training equipment we have for sale at Health Stream Fitness include:

Wall-Mounted Rigs

Wall-mounted rigs are workout equipment used to build your body strength, increase your muscle size and work capacity. As the name implies, they at mounted to your wall, and they are the perfect workout equipment because they help you save floor space and make room for even more equipment.

When buying your wall-mounted rigs, you have to consider the rig design and the quality of rigs you are buying. At Health Stream Fitness, we have years of expertise in different great quality rigs from the others, and we can assure you that whatever rigs you are buying from us are the best in the market.

Free Standing Rigs

These rigs are just like wall-mounted rigs, except that they are placed on the ground. They perform the same functions as wall-mounted rigs. Free-standing rigs are available for sale at affordable prices. You get quality and durability when you buy from us and access various great products from excellent brands.

Functional Training Balls

There are various types of functional training balls, and some of them include slam balls, medicine balls, wall balls, and fit balls, and Bosu balls. All these balls are available in different weights, as well as different brands. You can choose the most suitable weight and brand for your lifestyle and finances.

Plyometric Boxes

Plyometric boxes are portable boxes that are designed to increase your speed and power. They are superb supplements for your normal strength training workout routine. You jump on and off them at a fast speed, and you work on getting faster at it

Boxing Accessories

We have boxing accessories like boxing bags, gloves, focus pads, and punch and kick bags for sale. All these accessories are essential if you are looking to engage in some boxing activities, and we have them for sale at affordable prices. We can also guarantee that you are buying excellent quality accessories from us. They are all available in varieties from different and leading brands in Australia beyond.

Some other functional training equipment we have for sale include:

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