Our Flooring Equipment Offering

Flooring is just as important as any other equipment in your gym. Flooring is not necessarily only for aesthetic purposes but also to ensure adequate balance. To reduce accidents as a result of slipping, you need excellent quality flooring materials for your gym. They also improve the aesthetics of your gym and make your gym more appealing to the eyes. We recognise this and offer flooring equipment for sale.

What We Offer

We offer the following:

Gym Background
Rubber Flooring

There are waterproof, slip-proof and environmentally friendly flooring materials for your commercial gym. Every flooring material we sell at Health Stream Fitness has gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure that they are safe enough for use in commercial gyms. They are strong enough to withstand a high degree of use and can also withstand the weight of extremely heavy gym equipment.

The rubber flooring materials we sell are also easy to clean. They have been treated with a microbial solution to prevent the accumulation of mould. These flooring materials come with a twelve-month plan to prolong the shelf life.

Crossfit gym
Exercise and Yoga Mats

Exercise and yoga mats are very important gym equipment. They are equipment you can’t do without in your commercial gym. You can choose to provide exercise and yoga mats for your clients who don’t have one. We offer our exercise and yoga mats to you at super affordable prices.

We also have wall-mounted mat hangers for commercial use. These hangers make provision for you to hang several mats. They are essential gym equipment as they are needed to either store mats or keep them organised. There are various brands of mat hangers available in stock, and we can help you select the most suitable ones for your budget and gym size.

Weights in a gym
Weight-Lifting Platforms

For your high density Australian manufactured weight-lifting platforms, you can reach out to us. Weight-lifting platforms are designed to fit into squat racks and can be used for deadlifts, cleans, and snatches. The best part is, you don’t need to assemble them.

They are already in the most suitable position for their functions. Not only do you have access to these platforms at fair prices, but you also have access to a range of brands renowned for their quality products.

You can also customise these platforms to include the logo of your gym for brand promotion. We offer customisation services for an affordable price.

Sledge Track

We have sledge tracks that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are designed in such a way that the tracks can withstand wear and tear. We only buy sledge tracks that have been manufactured using tufted fibres. You can customise your desired width by adding more rows of sledge tracks.

Health Stream Fitness is a reliable and credible supplier of superb quality gym equipment. We ensure that we provide the best equipment at affordable and discounted prices. We aim to be your one-stop dealers for all your gym equipment. Contact us today for amazing deals.

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