Our Cardio Equipment Offering

Cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate. Like every other part of our bodies, we also need to exercise our hearts. To maintain a healthy body, you need to exercise your muscles regularly, and the heart is also a muscle, so it is inclusive. Cardio exercises make it possible for you to burn calories in a faster and safer manner. Some cardio exercises that you can do that do not involve the use of equipment include the following:


A good and easy way to start cardio exercises is by walking. Walking is the easiest cardio exercise for beginners. With time, you can increase your pace to make the exercise more effective.


Whether you choose to run or even jog, you are still engaging in an effective cardio exercise. You can start small and gradually increase your pace and miles. However, if you would rather stay indoors for your workouts, then we have excellent quality and affordable equipment for sale at Health Stream Fitness.


We have a range of treadmills from the most reliable manufacturers in Australia and beyond. We ensure that we purchase only the most durable and affordable treadmills for our stock. You can choose the most suitable treadmill from our range of treadmills. There are manual and automatic treadmills, and you can decide to adjust the speed if you want. Durable treadmills for commercial purposes are also available at affordable prices.

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are cardio equipment that is shaped like bikes. They are like conventional bikes, except that these are static and have extra features that intensify cardio workout sessions. It helps work your abdominal muscles while the intensity has some effects on your heart rate. At Health Stream Fitness, we bring you a variety of upright bikes from brands that produce durable and excellent quality products, and we can assure you that buying from us equates to getting value for your money.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are cardio equipment that places less strain on your lower back. They are suitable cardio equipment for every age group. It works perfectly for both beginners and experienced fitness lovers.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are another category of cardio equipment that offer full-body workouts. They are shaped like bikes and perform the same and even more functions than your average bikes. They are stationary like many workout equipment, and they strengthen your shoulders, abs, hips, thighs, and calves.

Air Bikes

An excellent category of cardio workout equipment shaped like bikes is the air bike. Air bikes are bikes that make you fit using air resistance, which means that the harder you push, the harder it pushes back. It’s a super-effective way to strengthen your heart and body muscles.

Other available cardio equipment includes the following:

Whether you are buying cardio equipment for the commercial sector or personal use, we are confident that Health Stream Fitness can satisfy all your cardio equipment requirements. Contact us today for amazing deals.

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