Cable Machines

Our Cable Machines Offering

Cable machines are gym equipment used for functional training and weight training. It has a weight stack attached to one or more handles using a cable and pulley system. The pulleys are adjustable and can be fitted to suit any height. The versatility of cable machines makes it possible for a myriad of exercises to be performed on them. Cable machines transfer weight stack load to handles, bars, and other attachments through cables.

Young men in gym looking at trainer working out on cable weight machine.
Multi Gyms

The multi gyms we offer for sale are not just excellent in quality and affordable. They also offer a variety of features. Some of them include a cable crossover, chin-up station, low row station, low pulley station, and bicep and triceps station. They are as versatile as can be. Besides having multiple functions, there are also various brands from the most reliable manufacturers in Australia. We assure you that when you buy from Health Stream Fitness, you are buying quality and durability. Contact us today, and we will supply you with multi gyms that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Exercising on Cable Crossover Machine
Cable Crossover Machines

If you require the sturdiest cable crossover machine in the world, then you have come to the right place. These machines have so many exclusive features and characteristics, and having one or two in your gym is guaranteed to give your gym superior quality in the services offered. We have cable crossover machines in various brands, and we will work with you to select the most suitable size and features for your gym and budget.

Back view young woman does lat exercises on gym machine
Functional Trainers

For premium quality and functional trainers, we are suppliers you can count on. We offer you various options in the form of brands, and you can choose the most suitable ones for your budget. These functional trainers are versatile and multipurpose machines that are guaranteed to give you value for your money.

Pin Loaded Gym Equipment

Pin Loaded Gym Equipment can also be referred to as Single Station Gym Equipment because the desired weight or resistance can be adjusted using a selector rod or pin. You get to select the desired amount of weight you need for your workout session. If you are looking to buy the most affordable and excellent quality single station machines for your commercial gym, then you have come to the right place. We assure you that you are getting the best from us at Health Stream Fitness.

Most Suitable Size and Weight

Years of expertise have helped us decide on the most suitable weight for pin-loaded gym machines. In most cases, it should be at least 80kg weight stacks. However, some of our clients prefer to upgrade to 120kg or 130kg weight stacks for equipment such as bench Chest Press, Leg Press, and Lat Pull Down.

If you are looking to buy single station workout equipment either for your commercial gym, or personal use, we have the most suitable brands, sizes, and weights for all purposes. We also offer these products at fair prices. At Health Stream Fitness, we aim to furnish your fitness needs at affordable prices. Who says you have to break your bank to be physically fit?

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