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We are a commercial fitness equipment broker in Australia. We aim to satisfy all your fitness-related needs at fair prices. For every piece of equipment you need for your fitness journey, you can contact us. We will provide durable and excellent quality equipment that can guarantee value for your money. Dedicated to doing everything in our power to being your one-stop dealers for all your commercial gym equipment needs, we have a fully equipped showroom for your perusal. You are welcome to come for a tour on Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. These are our office hours. However, we can also attend to your needs after business hours on weekdays and weekends.

What We Provide

We provide the following types of equipment


Cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate. Like every other part of our bodies, we also need to exercise our hearts. To maintain a healthy body, you need to exercise your muscles regularly, and the heart is also a muscle, so it is inclusive. Cardio exercises make it possible for you to burn calories in a faster and safer manner. We provide top-quality equipment for this.


Strength training exercises are exercises designed to build your strength and endurance levels. Doing your strength building workouts with gym equipment makes them better and more effective. We provide top-quality equipment for this.

Functional Training

Functional training is a collection of workouts designed to train the body for some of the activities we perform daily. These training sessions should be personalised, as each individual carries out different activities daily. There should also be various exercises targeted at core building, flexibility, balance and strength, and power building. We provide top-quality equipment for this.

Cable Machines

Cable machines are gym equipment used for functional training and weight training. It has a weight stack attached to one or more handles using a cable and pulley system. The pulleys are adjustable and can be fitted to suit any height. The versatility of cable machines makes it possible for a myriad of exercises to be performed on them. We provide top-quality equipment for this.

Flooring is just as important as any other equipment in your gym. Flooring is not necessarily only for aesthetic purposes but also to ensure adequate balance. To reduce accidents as a result of slipping, you need excellent quality flooring materials for your gym. They also improve the aesthetics of your gym and make your gym more appealing to the eyes. We provide top-quality equipment for this.
Fit-outs are visual aids that give you an idea of what our equipment would look like when installed in your gym. Stay for a quick peek at our fit-outs.
Equipment Financing
Equipment financing is a method of purchasing equipment where you take a loan from any finance broker of your choice. Starting and maintaining a commercial business is no walk in the park. It requires a large amount of money, and most of the time, this money isn't readily available at our disposal.
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